Giro d'Italia 2024 - the route

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Thomas Zwetsloot

Giro d'Italia 2024 - Route

Discover the spectacular course of the Giro d'Italia 2024, which begins on May 4th in Turin and ends on May 26th in Rome. This 107th edition of the Giro d'Italia is very promisiong with early mountain finishes, a tough 15th stage with 5,400 meters of elevation gain, and multiple mountain-top finishes in the last week. The opening stage in Turin immediately guarantees fireworks on a hilly course. And on the second day, the riders face an uphill finish in Oropa, where Tom Dumoulin made history in 2017.

The first week offers a mix of opportunities for sprinters and climbers, including an individual time trial of 41 kilometers and a stage with gravel sections from the Strade Bianche. The second week takes the peloton along the Adriatic coast to the north, with a mix of hilly rides and a challenging time trial. The final week is full of climbing, including the iconic Stelvio and the double ascent of Monte Grappa.

Giro d'Italia 2024 - route
05/04 – Stage 1: Venaria Reale – Torino (140 km)
05/05 – Stage 2: San Francesco al Campo – Santuario di Oropa (161 km)
05/06 – Stage 3: Novara – Fossano (166 km)
05/07 – Stage 4: Acqui Terme – Andora (190 km)
05/08 – Stage 5: Genova – Lucca (178 km)
05/09 – Stage 6: Viareggio – Rapolano Terme (180 km)
05/10 – Stage 7: Foligno – Perugia (41 km, ITT)
05/11 – Stage 8: Spoleto – Prati di Tivo (152 km)
05/12 – Stage 9: Avezzano – Napoli (214 km)

05/13 – Rest day

05/14 – Stage 10: Pompei – Cusano Mutri, Bocca della Selva (142 km)
05/15 – Stage 11: Foiano della Chiana – Francavilla al Mare (207 km)
05/16 – Stage 12: Martinsicuro – Fano (193 km)
05/17 – Stage 13: Riccione – Cento (179 km)
05/18 – Stage 14: Castiglione delle Stiviere – Desenzano del Garda (ITT, 31 km)
05/19 – Stage 15: Manerba del Garda – Livigno, Mottolino (222 km)

05/20 – Rest day

05/21 – Stage 16: Livigno – Santa Cristina Valgardena, St. Christina in Gröden, Monte Pana (202 km)
05/22 – Stage 17: Selva di Val Gardena, Wolkenstein in Gröden – Passo Brocon (159 km)
05/23 – Stage 18: Fiera di Primiero – Padova (178 km)
05/24 – Stage 19: Mortegliano – Sappada (157 km)
05/25 – Stage 20: Alpago – Bassano del Grappa (184 km)
05/26 – Stage 21: Rome – Rome (125 km)

We will explore this course of the Giro d'Italia 2024 stage by stage below, so you know exactly what to expect each day.

Stage 1 | Venaria Reale - Torino | 140 KM | 1,850 vm

The first stage is a relatively short ride, taking riders 140 KM from Venaria Reale to Turin. Along the way, there's a 4th category climb and a 3rd category climb before arriving in Turin for the first time. What follows is a local loop of about 30 kilometers, including the Colle Maddalena (6.1 KM at 7.4%). Riders who survive this can head towards the finish in Turin. However, the last kilometers are nasty because, at 4.4 KM from the finish, there's an uncategorized climb of 1.4 KM at 9.8%. From the top, it's 3 KM downhill to the finish. There's a good chance that a hill specialist with a good punch will receive the first pink jersey.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 1

Stage 2 | San Francesco al Campo - Santuario di Oropa | 161 KM | 2,300 vm

The second stage is the first opportunity for climbers to make their mark. After a relatively easy first 100 KM, the last 60 KM of the stage bring significant elevation. The appetizer includes two 3rd category climbs, and the main one is the climb to Santuario di Oropa. This climb is 11.8 KM long with an average gradient of 6.2%, but it's worth noting that the first 5 KM of this climb are manageable. This is followed by a 1.5 KM stretch at 9.5% and the last 5 KM of the climb average 7.9% gradient. Food for the true climbers and the GC riders, or will an early breakaway take the victory (and the pink jersey)?

Giro 2024 - profile stage 2

Stage 3 | Novara - Fossano | 166 KM | 750 vm

The first opportunity for the pure sprinters in the Giro. The 166 KM ride between Novara and Fossano includes no significant obstacles, which will most likely lead to a large peloton heading into the final kilometers. However, the Giro wouldn't be the Giro if there wasn't a final hurdle built into the course. In this case, there's a hill of 1.5 KM at 5.3% at 4.5 KM from the finish. From the top of this climb, it's flat, though a final, sharp turn about a kilometer from the finish could still cause some stress. Will the punchers survive or will the (stronger) sprinters make a comeback?

Giro 2024 - profile stage 3

Stage 4 | Acqui Terme - Andora | 190 KM | 1,700 vm

In the first half of the stage, the road gradually goes upwards, though it's manageable for everyone in the peloton. After some descending kilometers, the last 60 KM are flat towards the finish in Andora. These last 60 KM take the riders along a coastal road by the Ligurian Sea, where a sea breeze could cause stress (and echelons). Yet again, the men with fast legs face a challenge: around 4 KM from the finish, the road ascents on the Capo Mele for 1.5 KM at 5.1%. After the summit, it rushes downhill, with the last kilometer being straight and very easy. A similar situation to stage 3, although today's finale seems a bit easier to control.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 4

Stage 5 | Genova - Lucca | 178 KM | 1,700 vm

Finally, the sprinters can look at the profile card with more ease: a sprint in Lucca is written in the stars. A long 3rd category climb in the opening kilometers and a small 4th category bump with a peak 21 KM from the finish should pose no problem, from that point, the teams with a strong sprinter can get into formation. The last 3 KM is somewhat twisty, and in the last kilometer, the road bends twice to the left. These aren't corners to brake for, but good positioning seems crucial to achieving a top result.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 5

Stage 6 | Torre del Lago Puccini - Rapolano Terme | 180 KM | 1,900 vm

The gravel sectors are back in the Giro, appearing in stage 6. After a flat opening phase and a hilly middle phase, there are two gravel sectors awaiting the riders 50 KM from the finish. The first section of 4.4 KM is relatively flat, but immediately after this section follows the second (of 4.8 KM), which includes a climb of 2.5 KM at 6.6%. From the end of this section, the course winds its way to the last gravel section about 20 KM from the finish; this section is 2.4 KM long and offers no significant climbing. The last 10 KM of the stage run meanly uphill, and just over 5 KM before the finish, there's a climb of 1.2 KM at 8.4%. The last 0.5 KM of this climb are brutal, averaging 14% with a peak up to 20%. From the summit, there's still 3.2 KM to go over rolling terrain, with the last meters running meanly uphill. The men with ambitions for the GCwill have to be attentive, although a successful breakaway is not ruled out.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 6

Stage 7 | Foligno - Perugia | 41 KM (ITT) | 400 vm
Skinsuits and aero helmets align: it's time trial day! A long Individual Time Trial of 40.6 KM where the sting (again) is in the tail. After 34 flat kilometers, about 300 elevation meters follow in the last 7 kilometers. In particular, the direct switch from flat roads to the wall of Casaglia, 1.3 KM at 11.8%, will burn the legs. From the summit 5 KM from the finish, the climb it flattens out somewhat, though the road towards the finish still runs annoyingly uphill. In the last kilometer, the riders also have to navigate their way through some sharp corners to eventually finish in the center of Perugia. A time trial that will result in differences: after today, a lot will be clear about the main contenders for overall victory.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 7

Stage 8 | Spoleto - Prati di Tivo | 152 KM | 3,850 vm

With the soreness from the ITT still in their legs, a reasonably tough mountain stage awaits on the second Saturday of the Giro 2024, with the second mountaintop finish. Right from the start, a breakaway group can form on the (uncategorized) Forca di Cerro, followed by the Forca Capistrello (16.3 KM at 5.6%) in the beginning of the stage. The middle part of the stage is manageable, but after a 3rd category climb and a long descent, the final climb of 1st category: the Prati di Tivo, awaits. This climb is 14.6 KM long and ascends at an average of 7.0%. A steady and, at first glance, not too difficult climb in a beautiful, natural setting. Although this stage is unlikely to lead to huge differences, it's always uncertain how the riders' legs hold up a day after the time trial. A battle on two fronts is a very plausible scenario for this ride.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 8

Stage 9 | Avezzano - Napoli | 214 KM | 1,300 vm

We end the first week of the Giro with a bunchsprint in Napoli. At least, that's what the profile of the stage suggests. The ride takes the riders 214 KM gradually from 726 meters elevation to sea level. Do the sprinters need to worry about their chances? Definitely, there are three things that could play a role in the stage: (1) a large part of the stage runs along a coastal road where the wind could play it's role, (2) in the last 30 KM of the stage, a few bumps are on the route, and (3) just over 3 KM from the finish, after a descent, three annoying corners follow. Finally, there's one thing that will definitely play a role in this stage, and that's an U-turn 1 KM from the finish. Anyone too far back here will not win. Chaos allover, the sprinter who deals best raises his hands after a straight line of 800 meters in the port of Napoli.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 9

Stage 10 | Pompei - Cusano Mutri | 142 KM | 2,850 vm

A late start the day after the rest-day: it features just 142 KM , meaning a late start. After an easy opening phase, the uncategorized climb Taburno and the 2nd category Camposauro (6.1 KM at 7.8%) follow to get the legs running. After a descent and some rolling terrain, the riders get to the foot of the final climb of the day: the Bocca della Salva. This climb is 17.9 KM long and averages 5.6%. This relatively low average gradient is due to a somewhat flatter middle section with also a few descending kilometers. The last 6.4 KM then go up at 7.2% and 3 of the last 4 kilometers average above 8%. Again, not an extremely tough climb, but the length and 'after-rest-day-legs' can certainly provide some interesting moments.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 10

Stage 11 | Foiano di Val Fortore - Francavilla al Mare | 207 KM | 1,850 vm

Sprinting in Francavilla al Mare, that's the plan of the sprinters in this Giro. This could happen, as after a rolling opening phase with one 3rd category climb, the last 100 KM of this stage are entirely flat. However, the riders will need to keep an eye on the weather forecasts, the mentioned 100 KM run entirely along the coastal road on the Adriatic Sea and, in this stage too, a sea breeze could turn things upside down. In the last kilometers of the stage, there's one noteworthy obstacle: a fast combination of two 180-degree turns about 4 KM from the finish. This will most likely not be too big of a problem, as the last 3.5 KM run in a straight line to the finish. It will be a royal bunchsprint with all the fast men.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 11

Stage 12 | Martinsicuro - Fano | 193 KM | 2,100 vm

At first glance, this appears to be a stage where the sprinters go for victory. No sever climbs included, and only 4th-category climbs on the road. However, a more detailed look at the profile reveals that the stage passes through a part of Italy with annoying bumps in this stage. Individually, they're not to heavy, but the succession of them might have their impact on the sprinters' chance. Moreover, a very nasty little wall is included 12 KM from the finish, the Monte Giove. This rugged climb is 2.6 KM long and averages 5.0%, but it includes half a kilometer that climbs well above 10% with a peak up to 20%. From the top of the Monte Giove, it's a little over 10 KM to the finish, after a rugged descent followed by 6.5 KM over flat roads. A nice cat-and-mouse game is in store in this finale, where the expectation is that someone from a breakaway will take the victory.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 12

Stage 13 | Riccione - Cento | 179 KM | 150 vm

A flat stage, right up the alley of the classic watt monsters. Expect a small, controlled breakaway of a few Italians fighting for the Fuga classification and, after that, a classic preparation for a bunchsprint. At 1.5 KM from the finish, it's time pay attention at a right-left-right chicane, at 400 meters from the finish follows a last slight right bend and the finish is there. In addition to the stage win, many points for the points classification are waiting at the finish..

Giro 2024 - profile stage13

Stage 14 | Castiglione delle Stiviere - Desenzano del Garda | 31 KM (ITT) | 150 vm

The second time trial of the Giro is shorter than the first and easier as well. The course runs over relatively straight roads and goes gradually downhill. This is a time trial for the specialists, a very high average speed is expected. Damage control is key for those vulnerable in ITTs. The climbers with a good time trial will want to use this stage to gain some GC-advantage. The motto: put your big chainring on and give it your all in this ITT of a little over 35 minutes.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 14

Stage 15 | Manerba del Garda - Livigno (Mottolino) | 222 KM | 5,400 vm

A day to mark in your calendar: 222 KM through the Italian mountains with a total of 5,400 meter elevation gain. This will be a big test for anyone who wants to play a significant role in the GC. From the start, the Lodrino (3rd category) and the Colle San Zeno (2nd category) are served as appetizers, after which the Mortirolo looms 80 KM from the finish. The riders climb the mythical mountain not from the steep side, but with 12.6 KM at 7.6% and the last 2.6 KM at 9.6%, this climb will have a significant impact on the outcome of this race. After a fast descent and an uphill stretch of a little over 30 KM, the climb to Passo di Foscagno begins 23 KM from the finish. With 15.0 KM at 6.4% and a gradual character, this is not the hardest climb, but with 200 KM already raced, this climb will definitely take its toll. Once at the top, the riders cannot breathe a sigh of relief, for after a short descent, the showdownof this stage awaits in the last 5 KM: a two-stage rocket to the ski resort Mottolino. In total, this climb is 4.7 KM at 7.7%, but especially the last 1.5 KM offer considerable 'Col de la Loz-vibes' with gradients up to 20% on a bumpy road surface. This will be an exhausting ride as the culmination of the second week, the subsequent rest day is more than deserved by the riders.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 15

Stage 16 | Livigno - Santa Christina Valgardena | 202 KM | 4,350 vm

After the second rest day, the riders calmly continue with what they left off: mountains. Today, 'only' 4,350 vertical meters are on the menu, After 34 KM, the riders arrive at the foot of the Passo dello Stelvio, rightfully one of the most beautiful and reknown climbs in the world. With 19.6 KM at 7.5% and the summit at 2,758, this legendary mountain rightly deserves the title of Cima Coppi this year. It's a shame for the fans that the summit of the Stelvio is reached early in the stage and that more than 100 KM in descending have to be covered before the next climb is reached. The riders have to climb 2 more mountains: the Passo di Pinei (23.3 KM at 4.7%) and the final climb to Monte Pana (6.5 KM at 6.1%). Note: these average passages are somewhat deceiving. The Passo di Pinei is indeed a gradual climb, but contains about 13 KM that average above 7% besides a relatively flat middle section. After a short descent, the riders start the final part of the stage and the climb to Monte Pana. The first 4.5 KM are manageable, but the end is murderous: the last 2.0 KM average 11.8%. Who drags themselves fastest and delivers the next blow?

Giro 2024 - profile stage 16

Stage 17 | Selva di Val Gardena - Passo del Brocon | 159 KM | 4,200 vm

The third consecutive stage with a lot of elevation gain, this time 4,200 verticalmeters. That's less than in the previous 2 stages, but it should be noted that these 4,200 vertical meters are covered in just 159 KM: the number of elevation meters / KM is way higher than in the previous stages. A tough stage, with the Passo Sella (8.9 KM at 7.4%, short and spicy with cold legs) right from the start, and then the Passo Rolle (19.8 KM at 4.8%, gradualclimber) and the Passo Brocon from Ponte di Ronco (13.3 KM at 6.5%, slightly more irregular climb) bringing the riders to the foot of the final climb. The final climb is again the Passo Brocon, but then ascended from Pieve Tesino. From this side, the climb is 11.9 KM long with an average rise of 6.5%. Here too, this percentage is somewhat deceptive, for after 5 easy kilometers, it goes 2 KM long at an average of 8.5% uphill and then 3 KM long at an average of 10.5%. After a short flat stretch, there's still a kilometer at 8.6% from 1.5 KM to the finish before we reach the line. A rugged climb at the end of a very tough trilogy of mountain-stages. Many conclusions about the GC in this Giro can be drawn after today.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 17

Stage 18 | Fiera di Primiero - Padova | 178 KM | 550 vm

Standardin the Giro: a (nearly) flat stage in the final week. Normally, this transition stage is somewhat longer, this year the organization offers a relatively short ride of 178 KM. A bunchsprint is the most logical outcome of the stage, but much will depend on the course of the Giro and the morale of the sprinters (teams). Is there a sprinter dominant in the bunchsprints? Is there still a tight battle for the points jersey? Any sprinters in the racewithout a victory? All questions are relevant for the course of today's race. If there are few sprinters interested in controlling the stage, it could well be that a group of strong men gets a free rein towards Padova. In the finale, the riders will race in a straight line for a long time, after which two 90-degree corners are included in the course at 900 meters and 500 meters from the finish. Sprint or break: we'll see!

Giro 2024 - profile stage 18

Stage 19 | Mortegliano - Sappada | 157 KM | 2,850 vm

Normally, the last chance for breakaway riders with climbing legs to go for a stage-win. The first part of the stage is suited for forming a breakaway, the second part of the stage is more mountainous but not hard enough to make it a GC day. The finale of the stage starts about 60 KM from the finish with the Passo Duron: a nasty, short climb of 4.4 KM at 9.7%. After a somewhat longer descent, the Sella Valcalda (5.4 KM at 6.6%) follows, and after the descent, the road starts to rise again from 27 KM before the finish. At 15 KM from the finish the Cima Sappada starts, the climb that will most likely decide the victory in the stage. This climb is 8.5 KM at 4.7%, where the focal point is in the last part, when there are still 2.8 KM at 8.6% to be coverd. From the summit, there's just over 6 KM to go, mainly downhill but with a kilometer at 5.4% uphill 2 KM from the finish. A beautiful finale for breakaway riders.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 19

Stage 20 | Alpago - Bassano del Grappa | 184 KM | 4,200 vm

If there's still any uncertainty about the GC in this Giro, not after today. The organization picked the Monte Grappa as the climb for the final climbing mayhem in this GrandTour. After a flat run-in of just under 90 KM, the riders arrive in Semonzo del Grappa and will have to climb Monte Grappa twice. The Monte Grappa is a beastly climb of 18.1 KM at 8.1% with spikes up to 14%. The average gradient of 8.1% is even somewhat deceptive, because the climb also features two small descending sections. Further, it's almost constant climbing against a 9%, where the gradient in the last 7 KM of the climb regularly dive into 'double digits' and the last 3.5 KM go up at an average of 9.5%. Climbing it once is already a torment, but the riders have to go challenge it twice. In between and after the second climb, a long descent of about 25 KM brings the riders back to the valley. After the second descent, they ride towards Bassano del Grappa to sprint for victory after 5 flat kilometers. We'll know who is the King of the Giro.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 20

Stage 21 | Rome - Rome | 125 KM | 300 vm

The last stage of the Giro is more or less a copy of the last stage from the Giro of 2023. After the start in Rome, the route leads to Ostia, with its port on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once the riders have 'touched' the sea, the same road is raced back to Rome to then conclude with 8 local laps through the city. From entering Rome, the pade will rise and eventually finish in a bunchsprint It's a city circuit with some turning and twisting. The final corner is at 1.6 KM from the finishline, and the riders have several opportunities to explore the finish. After 125 KM, the sprint is set off on the Via di San Gregorio, and this Giro d'Italia 2024 is done and dusted.

Giro 2024 - profile stage 21

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