Giro d'Italia 2023 - Who made most progress?

Tuesday 30 May 2023 • Stats

Daniël Herbers

📈Giro d'Italia 2023 - Who made most progress?

Which riders improved their stats the most during the Giro d'Italia of 2023? Computer knows: today the average score. The computer model updates all 13 individual indicators on a daily basis. Based on results in the past 3 years, the course and the quality of the startlist, the model calculates the strenght of riders (score between 20 and 100). By comparing these stats at 2 random moments, we are able to analyse which riders improved the most in that period. 

The average strength shows the overall quality of a rider and is based on his best scores.

10 biggest improvers

In order to find the 10 riders who made most progress, stats are compared of 176 Giro d'Italia participants on May 6th and May 29th. The 10 Big Giro Improvers are:

10: Matthew Riccitello (+7: 49>56)

The youngest participant of the Giro improved a lot. Close to a top-10 in the final Mountain Time Trial, his climbing skilss improved the most. Average strength went from 49 to 56. 

9: Derek Gee (+8: 57>65)

Finally, not a second place for Gee. He is probably thé revelation of this Giro with attractive and solid racing. That victory will come. The computer calculates he was 8 points better compared to before the Giro. Gee improved in climbing, time-trialing and GC. 

8: Karel Vacek (+9: 32>41)

Team Corratec was not very visible, but the 2nd place by Vacek in stage 7 (Gran Sasso) was a great exception in this Giro. Vacek improved a lot, mainly in climbing.

7: Valentin Paret-Peintre (+9: 40>49)

Hope the computer knows who is who. His brother won a stage, and rode an excellent Giro. Valentin performed at a high level as well. His climbing skills improved very fast and resulted in an average improvement of 9 points.

6: Einer Rubio (+10: 71>81)

Rubio won a stage when Pinot and Cepeda were busy not losing from eachother. Rubio finished good in GC and the computer model recognized his great performance. He scores 81 on average after the Giro. That is big. 

5: Filippo Zana (+11: 63>74)

The fifth fastest riser is another stage-winner. The victory in the champions-jersey and his domestique work for Dunbar were some remarkable performances by Filippo Zana. His average strength improved from 63 to 74 in three weeks time, thanks to a rise of his climbing score.

Verbetering Zana
Stast-improvement Zana (average)

4: Jonathan Milan (+12: 62>74)

Also Milan finished 4 times second, just as Derek Gee. One big difference: Milan won a stage. He was clearly the rider with the fastest finish, but has some work to do regarding positioning and timing. His sprints-stats are on the rise, making him a promising sprinter for the near future.

Milan verbetering
Stast-improvement Milan (average)

3: Laurens De Plus (+12: 62>74)

If the computer calculated an indicator for 'Domestique', De Plus would have scored 100. The Young Belgian is the 3rd fastest riser in average strength. Unfortunately Thomas did not win the Giro, but Pluuske is back.

Verbetering De Plus
Stast-improvement De Plus (average)

2: Eddie Dunbar (+15: 60>75)

At his first attempt to ride a GrandTour, Dunbar showed it. The Irish climber moved to Jayco AlUla in order to get an opportunity he would not get at INEOS. Until the final weekend Dunbar was among the best climbers, resulting in an increase of 15 points on his average score. Our computer model loved it: from 60 to 80 in GC score.

Verbetering Dunbar
Stast-improvementDunbar (average)

1: Marco Frigo (+16: 39>55)

The fastest riser during the Giro was Marco Frigo. The Young Italian from Isreal-Premier Tech improved from 39 to 55. It is still a relatively low score, but the impressive performances and attractive racing were not shown before. Mountains and Hills are his most improved skills which results in a big increase in average strength. Marco Frigo is our quickest riser of the Giro'23.

Verbetering Frigo
Stast-improvementFrigo (average)

Ranking after Giro

To conclude, let's take a look at the 10 best riders preceding and after the Giro. Roglic was the best of all 176 participants before ánd after the Giro. He improved 2 points in average strength from 97 to 99. Despite not finishing, Evenepoel is second in the ranking, just before Almeida. Thomas improved 3 points during the Giro and the others in the top-10 remained more or less the same.

Beste renners
Ranking best average Stats

Indicator in more detail: average

The average strength is calculated base on 6 parts. The best skill contributes 3 times, the second and third contribute 1 each and the maximum from one-day races and stage-races accounts is the final contribution. The total is divided by 6. 

Example of Wilco Kelderman (30/05/2023):

Wilco Kelderman
Wilco Kelderman

3x best indicator: 3x 89 (GC) = 267
1x second indicator: 1x 88 (mountain) = 88
1x third indicator: 1x 86 (short ITT) = 86
1x max of one-day/ stage-race: 1x 81 (stage-races) = 81
Avearge: 522/6 = 87


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