Scheldeprijs 2024 - Prediction

Tuesday 2 April 2024 • Previews

Tom Nederend

Woensdag 3 april 2024: Terneuzen - Schoten (205,3 km)

Who will win Scheldeprijs 2024 according to the computer? The race starts in Terneuzen and finishes 205.3 km later in Schoten. The race is flat and the weather will decide whether it will be a sprinters-festival or not. There is a good prospect to echelons because there is a mild wind blowing from the side. Rainy conditions will add to a challenging Scheldeprijs in 2024.

⏰13.00 u
🏁17.30 u
⛅️Rainy, mild wind, 14 degrees

Scheldeprijs 2024 - profiel
Scheldeprijs 2024 - profile

Scheldeprijs 2024 - Prediction

Computer prediction 💻, Expected Win (xW):

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🦄 Sebastián Molano

*The unicorn is our joker, nice old-fashioned based on feeling

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