Giro 2024 - Head-2-Heads for fantasy games

Sunday 28 April 2024 • Blog

Tom Nederend

We have presented the biggest dilemmas for your cycling pool(s) to our computer for Giro d'Italia 2024. Our data is unique and based on results achieved over the past 3 years. Each rider scores points between 20 and 99 on 13 different skills. This way you can perfectly compare them. On our site you can add riders with the scale icon to the rider overview to compare them with each other. We have done the necessary preliminary work to get you started, but feel free to play with it yourself.

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H2H: Geraint Thomas VS Thymen Arensman

According to our data, there's a minor difference between the 37-year-old Thomas and 24-year-old Arensman. Yet Thomas is the man who has already proven his class and knows better than anyone how to peak at the right time. Arensman hasn't fully realized that yet, because he only gets running in the course of GrandTour, which will be tricky this Giro d'Italia. According to the team, the order is clear: Arensman will be Thomas' luxury servant. But you still have consider the Dutchman with this mediocre field of GC-participants. Arensman is still competing for the youth jersey and his strong time trial gives him a good shot a high ranking.

1. Geraint Thomas
2. Thymen Arensman

Geraint Thomas vs Thymen Arensman

H2H: Cian Uijtdebroeks VS Damiano Caruso

Another old warrior (Caruso, 36) against a young talent (Uijtdebroeks, 21). And here too, according to the data, experience wins. Explainable, because Caruso has proven himself in recent years. The compuer does not consider Caruso's statement about his aim for stage-hunting and helping the GC-talent at Bahrain, Anotnio Tiberi. Caruso has often achieved a good ranking as a 'servant'. In Romandie he showed that his form is growing. That is still a uncertainty for Uijtdebroeks. New team, few results this season. But don't dismiss the Belgian. He is competing for the white jersey and is therefore an interesting pick.

1. Damiano Caruso
2. Cian Uijtdebroeks

Cian Uijtdebroeks vs Damiano Cunego

H2H: Romain Bardet VS Ben O’Connor VS Daniel Martinez VS Antonio Tiberi

Based on the results of the last 3 years, Romain Bardet emerges as the winner in this H2H. However, in the GC skill is worse than Ben O'Connor, who is clearly the best among these riders. Both are interesting choices, with the time trial being their vulnerability. That's less of an issue with Daniel Martinez and Antonio Tiberi. Yet there are 2 question marks attached to these gentlemen; Martinez is very inconsistent in GrandTours and Tiberi is still inexperienced at 22 years of age.

1. Romain Bardet
2. Ben O'Connor
3. Antonio Tiberi
4. Daniel Martinez

Romain Bardet vs Ben O'Connor vs Daniel Martinez vs Antonio Tiberi

H2H: Juan Pedro Lopez VS Einer Rubio VS Edward Dunbar

The computer has no doubt, Einer Rubio is the man to select. The small Colombian (1.64 m) - better known as Thomas de Gendt's backpack - is steady in his results. With a score of 34, his ITT is clearly his weak point. And he will certainly lose a lot of time in this Giro. Juan Pedro Lopez doesn't like TIme Trialing either. The following applies to both: attack is their best defense. Edward 'Eddie' Dunbar was fantastic in the Giro of 2023, but this season is a mess, the data confirms.

1. Einer Rubio 
2. Juan Pedro Lopez
3. Edward Dunbar

Juan Pedro Lopez vs Einer Rubio vs Edward Dunbar

H2H: Lucas Plapp VS Aurelien Paret-Peintre VS Hugh Carthy VS Wout Poels

Poels is not starting, unfortunately. Aurelien Paret-Peintre is very steady this year in a team-in-good-shape; good pick. Hugh Carthy is slowly decreasing regarding his stats. Luke Plapp? Has a lot of potental, but he's very inconsistent which the computer model noticed.

1. Wout Poels
2. Aurelien Paret-Peintre
3. Hugh Carthy
4. Lucas Plapp

Lucas Plapp VS Aurelien Paret-Peintre VS Hugh Carthy VS Wout Poels

H2H: Lorenzo Fortunato vs Michael Storer vs Michael Woods vs Filippo Zana

All serious contenders for the maglia azzuro: the mountain classification. Fortunato is strongest in GC according to the model. They all fail in Time Trialing, so it's a close call between them.

1. Michael Woods
2. Filippo Zana
3. Michael Storer
4. Lorenzo Fortunato

Lorenzo Fortunato vs Michael Storer vs Michael Woods vs Filippo Zana

H2H: Simone Velasco vs Giulio Pellizzari vs Davide Piganzoli vs Florian Lipowitz

Some unfamiliar names in this H2H, which is very interesting. Velasco will probably show his jersey of Italian champion in the breakaway. But which of the other youngsters (Pellizzari, Piganzoli and Lipowitz) will get close to a good GC spot? Or win a stage?  Pellizzari and Piganzoli will have some more freedom in their teams while Lipowitz is destined to help his teammates.

1. Simone Velasco
2. Davide Piganzoli 
3. Florian Lipowitz
4. Giulio Pellizzari

Simone Velasco vs Giulio Pellizzari vs Davide Piganzoli vs Florian Lipowitz

H2H: Tim Merlier vs Olav Kooij vs Jonathan Milan

THE big sprinters in this Giro. Merlier has the best season so far and takes his strong leadout Bert Van Lerberghe to the race. At the same time Kooij and Milan had a good season and have a strong team around them. It will be close, computer agrees.

1. Tim Merlier
2. Olav Kooij 
3. Jonathan Milan

Tim Merlier vs Olav Kooij vs Jonathan Milan

H2H: David Dekker vs Max Kanter vs Giovanni Lonardi vs Ethan Vernon

Challenge of the smaller sprinters. Vernon is the best among them, but the young British will have to beat his teammate Hofstetter. Kanter and Lonardi will the main name for theri teams while David Dekker also has Biermans joining this race. He mentioned the uncertainty of his chances in our podcast.

1. Ethan Vernon
2. Max Kanter
3. David Dekker
4. Giovanni Lonardi

David Dekker vs Max Kanter vs Giovanni Lonardi vs Ethan Vernon

H2H: Andrea Vendrame vs Stefano Oldani vs Julian Alaphilippe

A H2H between some fast attackers. Alaphippe is reknown for the results he has acquired in the past, but is quickly dcreasing. He can turn it around by scoring good results. Andrea Vendrame is a steady pick. Don't expect him to interfere in all bunchsprints, but do expect many good results. And the combination of skills hill and sprint is impressive for him. Stefano Oldani seems to be beinvolved in sprints and also likes to aim at a succesful breakaway.

1. Julian Alaphilippe
2. Andrea Vendrame
3. Stefano Oldani

Andrea Vendrame vs Stefano Oldani vs Julian Alaphilippe

H2H: Alberto Dainese vs Phil Bauhaus vs Kaden Groves vs Laurence Pithie

These sprinters are good climbers and still very fast afterwards. Pithie is improving his stats very quickly. But don't discount Groves, Bauhaus and Dainese. On paper, Groves is the absolute main man of his team, but has struggling with knee problems. If he races the Giro without any inconveniences, he'll get some good results. Bauhaus has less support, but the German knows what to do in bunchsprints. And Dainese... tough to know. Very inconsistent and with two other fast riders in his team: Mayrhofer and Trentin are internal opponents.

1. Laurence Pithie
2. Kaden Groves
3. Alberto Dainese
4. Phil Bauhaus

Alberto Dainese vs Phil Bauhaus vs Kaden Groves vs Laurence Pithie

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